Make America Purple

No two people in the world think exactly the same way. Fighting each other over our differences is not only a waste of time, it is counterproductive. We cannot find real solutions to problems if we continue down the current path that we are on. America was aptly named the “United” States because our founders understood that we need to work together as one nation, and one voice. United we stand or divided we fall.

All Americans want what is best for this country. We merely have different solutions on the best way to get there. The first understanding we need to come to is that “HATE” will not bring us together. If we, can accept that we are different, and learn to honestly appreciate those differences in each other we can begin to move forward. If we cannot come to terms with this fact, then hate will continue to divide us. It is our personal choice to overcome hatred, put aside our differences and find common ground. It is only on that common ground that we will be able to find workable solutions to solving issues that our country is currently facing.

          Forget the democrat title! Forget the republican title! Instead, we need to work together to find real hope for a better and brighter future! America is neither red, nor blue. We are a diverse nation, with tremendous potential and the ability to overcome any obstacle that we face. Instead of focusing on our differences, we should be focusing on our ability to achieve our mutual goals. We need to turn America purple and UNITE under ONE nation with ONE voice.

Accepting Responsibility

The sad reality in this world is that, for some, hate is all they know. People who are driven by hatred will not want to change, they refuse to accept the differences in others, and they will probably never cease their personal vendetta against their fellow man. However, I do not believe for one second, that the vast majority of humans on this planet fit into that hate filled category.

          The truth is, if the majority of us can come together and demolish our hatred we will begin to see that we agree on more than we ever imagined. I, for one, am open to the idea that we can learn from each other and use our differences to benefit ourselves and our country.

          I want to use this book as a tool to bridge the divide between democrats and republicans. I want to expose the hearts of all Americans by walking through each issue that our country is facing and provide both perspectives. I intend to highlight the concepts that we agree on because only when we focus on areas where we agree will we be able to start building the bridge that will once again UNITE us all.

          At this point, since we are all different, I image that some of you out there reading this book are probably cheering in approval right now. While the other half of you are most likely playing devil’s advocate and asking yourself many questions, including… “Why should I listen to you?”; “What credibility could you possibly have about this?”; and “Are you really naïve enough to believe that this book is going to magically solve all of America’s problems for the 327 million people living here?”.

          Those of you asking the questions, you have every right to ask them and for those of you who did not, well maybe you should have. So, whether you asked them or not, here are my answers…

  1. Why should you listen to me?

          Well, Maybe you shouldn’t. You see, you have your own brain, this is merely my perspective. If you disagree with what I have written so far, maybe you should just close this book and walk away. However, what I have said thus far is that we need to stop the hate and find common ground. As such, I think most of you reading this will agree with those two points. So, you might as well keep going since I have been right so far.

  • What credibility do I have?

          Maybe none? Again, that depends on your own perspective. I will not be able to make that choice for you. Although, I will tell you why I feel credible in this situation. I am an American, I live here, I pay taxes, I obey the law, I vote and this gives me the right to have an opinion about how our country is being managed.

          Nevertheless, I have spent many years of my life avoiding anything that had to do with politics. I did not vote and I did not listen to the news. I even hated that I had to take not one, but two government classes in college. Let’s just say that I only did what I had to in both of those classes just to get by. In fact, I spent eight glorious years in a state of blissful ignorance about all things political. I would ultimately love to go back to that place in life.

          Unfortunately, at some point as I was growing up, I began to realize that politics had a direct impact on my life, my finances, and my rights and freedoms as an American citizen. I began to change. I researched everything that I could get my hands on. It was not enough to listen to my friends or my parents. I wanted to understand for myself what choice I was going to make. I wanted a firm grasp of the stance I would take on issues so that I could make informed decisions about the polices being implemented that affected my life.

          Before I go on, let me make one thing perfectly clear, I do NOT consider myself a political expert by any means. In fact, I have no desire to become a congressman, or congresswoman as the case may be. I never want to be a governor, or senator, or God forbid the President! I do not want to be a political activist at all. I merely want to be a wife, a mother, a friend, a writer, and an overall good person. I am merely a citizen that wants to make valuable choices that will benefit me, my family, and the other people in this country just trying to live their own life also.

          To be honest, I hope that when you finish reading this book that you have no clue about my own personal political affiliation. My goal is to speak to you from the perspective of one person to another; from one American to another American without bias or hatred.

          To make a long story short, I am not trying to persuade you to one side or the other. I merely want you to see that both sides are equally important when they are working together properly. I want you to have an understanding that both sides have ideas that many people believe in. It is not our place to judge anyone else for their beliefs and we deserve that same respect in return.

          Which brings us to the third question…

  • Am I really naïve enough to believe that this book, or this message, will magically solve all of America’s problems and make life better for the 327 million people living here?

          The answer to that, of course I am not that naïve. As we determined previously, some people will not want to change. They will not want to put in any effort to meet the other side halfway and they will continue to push whatever agenda they choose, and that is their right.

          As for the rest of us, I can only hope that we will take the time to hear each other out, seek to understand each other, and learn to appreciate our differences. I hope that we can begin to find value in each other and start working together to overcome what we can in order to make America hate less and learn more.

          The only way that we can become the America we want to be is to make it happen. That change has to happen with all of us, not just our politicians. Making America “hate” less is the responsibility of every person here whether you are here legally or illegally. Regardless of your skin tone, your gender, your education level, or your political ideology.

          We have to accept some personal responsibility for the destructive behaviors that are taking place. We have to acknowledge that we must overcome the unnecessary violence. We have to decide to end the unprecedented vengeance that is taking over this country. We have to first work on healing ourselves before we can expect to heal our country.

          In doing so, we have to make the conscious effort to listen to each other more. Notice I did not say, we have to agree with each other more? That is the beauty of living in America, we do not have to agree with each other. We can listen to people and still walk away with our own belief system firmly intact. Unless we personally choose that we desire to change our own mind on an issue.


Logic & Reason

Logic and reason seem to be the one place where most of us have trouble agreeing with each other. This is not because we don’t trust each other, it is not because we hate each other, it is because we do not want to realize that logic and reason is different for everyone. This is a difficult concept for us to understand, it is even harder for us to accept this in others. As human nature goes, if I have an opinion that you disagree with than you must be 100% wrong. This is inherently not true, let me share with you an example that is unrelated to politics.

          In a marriage, you have two different people with very different values, expectations, desires and backgrounds that help form their decision-making abilities. In a marriage you have one thing that most Americans don’t have. You have love, you have hope that your marriage will work. You have an understanding that this other person is important to you and therefore you have the motivation to work through the differences that you find in each other. You learn, overtime to work together to find solutions to your problems or challenges that you face. In America we have stopped doing that, we have turned against each other and stopped listening to each other.

          In my situation, my husband and I have very different backgrounds. My husband grew up in a home where his family appreciated privacy and solitude. While my family shared everything and loved socializing. After he and I got married we had to learn to adapt these two very different lifestyles. It is an ongoing struggle that we face. My husband prefers to have a quiet, secluded home, where no one enters but us except for a few rare occasions like special holidays or birthdays. For myself, my siblings and I always planned to raise our kids close to each other so they could grow up together. I also enjoy being the central hub of entertaining for friends, and families to gather together. I love having people around to share our lives with, he prefers to have distance between everyone.

          Just because our preferences are different does not mean that one of us is right and the other is wrong. My husband has only one sister and grew up with his cousins close by. Eventually, his family started to separate from the extended family and learned to rely only on themselves for everything. They valued that separation and it became a part of their core belief system.

          On the flip side, I have two sisters and a brother and we have always been close. We only saw our cousins and extended family at holidays. We always regretted not being closer to them and did not want to make that same mistake with our own kids. My family lives nearby, in fact my brother and his family live eleven houses down. Our sons are the same age and get to play together often; they act more like brothers than cousins. While this has been my lifelong dream, it is more like my husband’s worst nightmare and a major invasion of his space.

This conflict is a daily struggle for us to overcome and finding a balance is nearly impossible some days. However, we have love and mutual respect to help us work through this issues that we face together. Unfortunately, Americans have lost that respect and stopped working together. This has left only fighting, anger, and mistrust in our country.

We look to our leaders, our paid public servants, for focus and clarity, but we are met with even more bitter hatred and resentment. We see deeply rooted feuds that are driven by selfishness and greed. We, the people, are merely a cover-up for their political game and inflamed vendetta. When do we, the people, get to take our country back? When do we get to stand up and say, “ENOUGH is ENOUGH!”? We are not at war with each other. We must unite and stand together to overcome our differences and make real change in America.

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